Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Brother Rocks

Ring the alarm! My brother Matthew's group Alarm Will Sound was a Critics Pick in NY Magazine this week:

Opening Soon
The superbly exciting new-music ensemble, known for its innovative staging and refreshing yet cohesive programs, presents “1969,” a concert of works by a range of influential composers of the late sixties, from Leonard Bernstein to Luciano Berio and the Beatles. — Rebecca Milzoff

He's wearing the gray pants. He composed something for the event at The Kitchen & presented his work... my girl Bjork was in the audience! They've performed on the same ticket with her in the past.

One of their songs is on my playlist originally by Aphex Twin. He's an electronic artist. Alarm Will Sound is classical. He's on french horn. Compare them both, they've interpreted it so beautifully.... I am so proud of my lil bro Mafoo :)

Below is the Aphex Twin video...

David Firth directed this video btw, fab.


Gary Faules said...

How very exciting. You must be very proud of your brother.

Do you by any chance know why they chose the African Greater Kudu for the cover?

suzannemarques said...

Thx! He's two years younger than me, so we're v. close, even if he's in NY.
I have no idea why they chose the African Greater Kudu (nice fact to know) Maybe they hired an artist... hmm... I'll ask him!

Gary Faules said...

The Greater Kudu is the symbol of South Africa representing the most noble of all graceful antelope and is also know as the "Gray Ghost" for it's very real ability to vanish right before your eyes.


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