Friday, March 14, 2008


I've been dying to post about Modernaire for some time now, but just this week they popped up on Yay!

I have two of their songs on my list... but you absolutely have to check out Faites Tes Jeux on their myspace page. It would be a crime not to. It's so delectable.

The lyrics alone!

Bang bang baby
Hand over the cash
Speed it up sugar,
Come on I'm in a rush, now!

Lost my one true love,
Under the table in Monte Carlo...


jeffrey said...

OK, here I go aging myself.

As I was checking out your play list I stumbled across Don't go by Yaz.

I can remember skipping school and playing this on the record player. I think it was 8th grade when this was popular.

Yaz and the B-52's were my favorite bands growing up in Detroit.

It's like a time machine!

suzannemarques said...

Jeffrey, so much of the new music I post reminds me of 8O's groups!
Listen 2 the new stuff 2 & it should cancel out any aging feelings you have. :)
Works 4 me!


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