Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Loving Ralph Lauren

I spied the first photo in this week's Time & fell in love.

Remember I'm heading to Big Bear soon? No road trip is complete without a few theme nights. I was the first to jump in with the preppy idea - of course - more reasons to go shopping!

As for names, Applevenusian - I think I was inspired by you mentioning Lily Pulitzer before. Gotta love those waspy names. A name would really finish the look. Peyton or Madison... can't decide.


Richard said...

Excellent photos. I love the looks, the car, the mansion in the background. I am actually considering the slimmer trousers on display. What do you think Suzanne? The gentleman wearing them in the photo has my build, and we even look a little alike. Thoughts?

suzannemarques said...

i'm certanily not an expert on men's fashion, but i'll give you a woman's perspective. i think the fit is great. women show off their curves, so why should't men? women appreciate seeing the man's form as well. the style of the suit rocks too.

applevenusian said...

Yes, I got my Lauderdale Lifestyle flyer in the mail the other day... *sigh* I love pink and green!!!

In high school, my friends and I decided that when we got old, we should change our names to "old people" names. Hence, when I turn 60, I will be known as Hortense.

suzannemarques said...

how fun! that's new to me. i just passed Fa├žonnable in BH on my way home yesterday, their windows put me in the mood for spring & boating!

i may go by astor. i think my girfriend snagged peyton. :)

c ya hortense :)

Anonymous said...

"Miss Astor, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance..."

-Poncy Munchburger

WDL said...

OMG. Those boys are soooo my type. Where are they in real life?

And that's how I dress pretty much every single day!

Hmmm. Old man name. Shall I be Itzak? No! Totally Sol.

See ya Astor,



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