Monday, March 24, 2008

Turkish Delight

Ok, it's not Turkish, but we had lots of delights Saturday. In addition to the art show - so great having weekends off! - we checked out a cool wine bar called Vinum Populi in Culver City. It's like Dave & Busters for wine fans. Bonus - it's near all the great galleries.

If you load up a card with - let's say - $20, you can go around and sample great wines from all over the world. I didn't even touch the $200 a bottle wines, even though the sampling was cheap. I don't need to elevate my palate out of my price range. It was lots of fun while waiting for a table at the restaurant next door.

But who am I kidding? I am easily entertained. See below.

Give us a room under construction, some light, an air hockey table & we are set for the night. Thanks Johnny D!

By the way, I won.
7 - 3. When the puck hit my finger, it was game over.
Update on Vinum Populi. I found out it's being sold. Why?? Please keep it a wine bar.


india said...

Last summer in Tuscany there was the same type of wine tasting/bar. They also had olive oil for tasting as well...we loved the idea.

meemo said...

I love the enoteca machines! The wine bar I do the books for in Virginia has one too. They are great fun and an excellent way to taste different wines.

suzannemarques said...

india - oooooh tuscany! i am dying to visit italy.

meemo, i didn't know that's what the machines were called. i love how i learn so much on here! more wine bars like this in LA, please! this is the first i know of in the LA area.

ALL THE BEST said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Good for you!!!!!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

I have to laugh at your " I dont want to elevate my palate to that price range level! :-)" Wise woman you :-)


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