Sunday, March 02, 2008

Out To Lunch

I was so inspired by my Chanel post I grabbed my fave heels and rummaged through my closet... I'm wearing a Max Studio dress & Theory cardigan, The Mayle belt was a steal at Barney's. I think it toughens up the look a bit.
Who knows the labels Robert's wearing... Oh he has on a new tie from JCrew... & I insisted on the darling cream Gucci loafers. Very Sperry & Vampire Weekend inspired :)


WDL said...

omg. you totally need to be my bff!!

I love a polka dotted dress....and super cute shoes on a super cute girl.

And the other half? hubba hubba.


Julian Kaye said...

You look good Suzanne.

suzannemarques said...

wdl we are bff! :)
you preppy boys are such a good influence on me & robert!
thanks julian!

Richard said...

Excellent choices Suz, I like the casual preppy look Robert is sporting (not crazy about the loafers, but I am sure you picked them out with love :)

Your look, well what can u say but "fabulous". I feel more modeling offers coming your way

suzannemarques said...

i love the loafers. they are my favorite part! but to each his own... more modeling offers.. i'm still waiting for the first one haha

Pink Wallpaper said...

you go girl!! you are totally working that belt and those fab shoes!

ALL THE BEST said...

LOVE those shoes!! And that belt just makes the whole thing pop!

jon bon said...

Great shot, Suzanne! Have you ever thought of doing any freeze modeling?
Seems to me you would have some great poses to show off!

Ashley L. said...

what a glamorous home and couple! i would never have thought to wear a belt with that ensemble but it looks fantastic! great choice. and i will agree with you, the white loafers are most definitely winners! :)

suzannemarques said...

thank you ashley! i agree! :)
jon bon... i'm too busy working, but very flattering.
love that you guys love the shoes and belt. they're my faves too.

Benedict said...

How odd. I have loafers just like those. Were Robert's an impulse purchase for a sunny day as well?

suzannemarques said...

benedict, we were at gucci one afternoon & when i saw them i knew he had to have them.
i did a post a while back about robert always wanting sperry top siders & his mom bought him the knockoffs, much to his dismay.
these are a chic replacement!
(though today, i spied sperrys at nordstrom & bought robert a trad. pair as well.)
what are yours?

Benedict said...

suzanne, i was wandering the back-streets of rethimno in crete when i found them, in a little shoe-shop there.
alas, i can remember neither the name of the shop nor the make of the shoes (something grecian, as i recall).

meemo said...

Love the belt over the cardigan!


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