Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trip the Light Fantastic

This Silver Lake home was featured in The LA Times.
It was built in 1925 and I love the Morrocan and Thai influences. I thought my hallway was colorful - painted in teal & light blue - but this homeowner is bold!
Wouldn't you love to attend a party there on a warm summer evening? I can smell the incense already.


Red River Interiors said...

love these images and also keep up with the LA Times Home & Garden section...NY Times Home & Garden is euqally as good... Fay

Richard said...

I love the lighting, and yes, I would love to attend a party there!

Ashley L. said...

i really like these pictures! i love Moroccan inspired lighting! so pretty.

meemo said...

Love the Morrocan feeling...and the lighting...wonderful!

Rigo84 said...

I love the stripes on the stairway


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