Sunday, March 09, 2008

Preps Head To The Lodge: The Event

Here are some snapshots from our Big Bear bonanza. (For super size, click here.)
I'll take you on a mini tour...

The gals prepared shish kabobs and looked fabulous.

We love our pine backdrop. Goes great with the scenery. That's me & my brother Jerry at right.

Robert.. The girls again. We never get sick of posing.

Jaime serenading Dana to Madonna's Dress You Up, Lindsey & Dana enjoying a wicked game of Zoom!

Sir Benson and Buckley sharing corn on the cob, Jaime & Lindsey dancing, my brother acting his normal self.

Showing the locals how you do karaoke. Dana sang Saturday Night's Alright. My version of Stayin' Alive brought down the house. Robert worked Celebration.

Our best prep poses to show off the duds.

The boys & a bit of the carnage.

The guys did go skiing but didn't take photos. :)


ChiliLady said...

Cool pictures with stylish people!

applevenusian said...

Astor, dahling! Looks like a good time was had by all. It's such a good feeling to get out and mix it up with the rabble, eh?



Richard said...

Love the photos, and it looks like everyone had great fun! Astor :) seems like a natural prep. I know the weekend was a theme, but I think you may have a little bit of prep flowing through your veins! Great pictures, and thanks for sharing!

suzannemarques said...

chililady - thank you sister! we try, we try. :)

horry - love, maybe you can come next time. we so missed you on the mic. ta ta!

That's A Great Question said...

Wow. What great fun at a great place! Mrs. Marques, love the outfit. Very creative. Will we see you on American Idol soon? Yes!

I agree. Thanks for sharing ;)

Mr. Steve

Alya said...

That looked like soooo much fun! Loved the pics!


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