Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Am I?

I've seen deer, bobcats & coyotes in our backyard, but I've never seen one of these. He is so cute with his tiny ears and invisible eyes. Is he a mole? He was chilling in our driveway the other morning.

Robert scooped him up & placed him on the dirt of our front yard. He seemed happier there, sniffing around.

I feel bad for the poor thing. I worry he was sick. He just sat there, but didn't know if he was playing possum. We haven't seen him since. Hopefully he just dug a hole in the ground & went about his business...

If you know what he is, let me know! I'm curious.


Ryan said...

Definitely not a mole. If I had to guess I would say some kind of guinea pig, but it's hard to tell how big it is from the pictures. Disclaimer: I have no expertise in rodent identification, however.

mmassie said...'s a field mouse. Adorible little buggers.

The Clothes Horse said...

He is adorable. A field mouse, mmassie says? But the snout seems so short...

Richard said...

definitely a field mouse, and a fat one to!

WDL said...

oooh! i love fat mice. i had one when I was a kid. his name was cookie. and i fed him cookies.

my old cat precious used to play with him, but she never hurt him.

and i have a huge fatty of a kitty. she is the best pet. i'm horrible, don't call animal protective services, but i like a fat pet.



suzannemarques said...

wdl, your cat is the most fabulous cat on the planet.. i believe i referred to your lovely kitty as a fuzzy zeppelin... with much feline respect :)


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