Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love The Smell Of...

Gunpowder in the morning, martinis at night.

Ok, so it's my first time even holding a gun, much less shooting one. And let me say off the bat, the closest my gun will come to an animal is a clay pigeon. It was thrilling & empowering shooting trap.

I had a patient group who shared tips on how to hold the 20 gauge shotgun & I hit five my first round! I even picked up Robert's 12 gauge and while my teeth rattled, I nailed my target... at least the first time. Robert & I had a blast.

The event was hosted by Brett of Sporting Life Mag. Check out his site! I like his interviews. For inquiring minds... yes, he's a great shot.


Alya said...

i must try this sometime.

suzannemarques said...

alya, you must. i was a bit afraid of guns before, but it was so much fun!

Richard said...

You look very nervous in your photo, but yet very stylish! Great photo!

WDL said...

omg. girls with guns in heels.



Anonymous said...

Nervous? Most people drop the gun and start crying...She was cool as ice, and a true member of the Sporting Life Society. We had a great time hosting both her and Robert.


ALL THE BEST said...

Look at you...heels and all! Clay pigeons are fun, but can leave the shoulder sore, at least for me.


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