Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pugnacious Tranquility

I featured Steven Meisel a little while ago, but Linda Evangelista with a pack of pugs? How could I resist? These lovely shots are from Vogue Italia via Fashion Addict Diary.


stylerover said...

Suzanne, Love your posts on photography. Check out this link if you're not familiar with it. Great photographers and a sample of their work. Steven's on there. I just bid Perry Ogden, he's one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

pugnacious...would prefer a pack of Airedales.

suzannemarques said...

thank you stylerover!!!

anon - i'm more a cat lover than a dog lover, so i had to google airedales. they're okay. not my cup of tea. personally if i were to get a dog it would be a tiny black pomeranian and i'd shave it like a buffalo


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