Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Schulman, Bring Me A Dream

How I wish I were one of these two ladies lounging near the floor-to-ceiling windows while the lights of LA glitter below. Julius Schulman's photography always makes me want to live in these moments.

Julius Schulman captured this iconic photo in 1960. It is Case Study House No. 22, one of the most famous photos of American architecture. Architect Pierre Koenig and homeowner C.H. Stahl created the fabulous Stahl House, which is perched on a dangerous looking (and thrilling) edge of the Hollywood Hills.

I think this is another home. I can imagine lounging in the heated pool at midnight, sipping iced tea while gazing out at the city. Heaven.

I believe these next two photos were captured at The Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate in Palm Springs. Imagine the stories these walls could tell...

A snap of downtown Palm Springs in the 60's.


Anonymous said...

The majority of the design for this home came from my father, C.H. Stahl, and was a collaboration between client and architect. It is not a completely accurate statement to say Pierre Koenig designed, single-handedly, the Stahl House.

Mark Stahl

suzannemarques said...

Thanks for letting me know! I love learning more about the history of the place. I'll fix the post!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you live in the Southern California area, but the Stahl House will be open for tours March 13th, 14th and 15th. There is a charge. You should come visit. If you are interested you can visit the "Stahl House" group on Facebook and check the "events", or you can email me directly. Tour are by reservation only.

Mark Stahl

Zedellbee Zuhal said...

Does anyone know the name or further details of the build in the last photo here?

The collection here fascinate me.
Great coverage!

Anonymous said...

Re: Zedellbee Zuhal's inquiry:

I 'Should" know specifically as I have a weekend house in Palm Springs, but here's a relatively zoned-in answer. If I'm correct it's along Palm Canyon Drive (main drag in PS) between Alejo and Arenas--maybe Amado. It's on the west (mountain side) and I'm inclined to say (unfortunately) there's a Starbucks on the corner to the south. BTW, there's a huge movement locally to get comments on a proposal to save the old Town and Country Mall--outdoor shopping from the 40's. A developer want's to raze it to build an access road (proposed) to a huge 80's eyesore mall along Palm Canyon. You can investigate by googling Town & Country Palm Springs. It's a shame to erase beautiful buildings that had a vision.

Anonymous said...

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