Sunday, February 08, 2009

La La La Love

Love for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Do you remember your first kiss? Mine was at seven and the boy was named Sean St. Clair. He had green twinkly eyes, brown hair parted on the side and a big smile straight out of a Crest commercial. He kissed me on the arm and turned beet red and I don't think we ever spoke again. (So what if it was on the arm. That counts!)


Anonymous said...

You are sooooo cute!!!!

I Love your posts Suz...


The Cherry Blog said...

What a great post! Thats a very cool name for a first kiss! mine was rather boring in comparison. His name was brian, I was 12, it was in the school playground. haha! xx

JouJou Loves You said...

I was was at the skating rink and his name was Derek Campos. He was breathtaking.

suzannemarques said...

what a sexy name. i'll bet derek campos is a stunner today.


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