Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Stepford Wives

These are from Steven Meisel's 2001 series, "Four Days in L.A.: The Versace Pictures."
The photos were taken at two L.A. mansions with the model primped within an inch of her life. The picture-perfect poodles too.
"There's a glamour to it, too -- a sick glamour, but a glamour," Meisel said to describe the photos.
I love the look in her eyes - so Valley of the Dolls!


Richard said...

Love the decor----especially the first photo. Plus the girl is kind of cute!!!!

stylerover said...

Love the vacant stare. She reminds me of the cocaine addicted Sharon Stone character in "Casino"

WandR HOME said...


I just posted another amazing photographer "April Brimer" on our Blog! xoxox Jaime

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