Monday, February 02, 2009

Dressing Down

I'm cleaning out my closet and while I'm unloading lots of clothing and clutter, I've unearthed a few memories. Sequined red heels worn to my sophomore homecoming that had a matching sequin dress. (I've always been one for subtlety.) Passed notes from high school - the preferred topics were cheerleading and love. Boxes of Tiffany crystal from my wedding that I had packed away during renovation. Score! Below are the closets mine wants to be when it grows up.

This has to be my hands-down favorite. Modern lacquered shelves and cabinets, classic patterned wallpaper, traditional chair and fake zebra rug.

I need a drawer strictly for clutches. And more clutches to fill it up.

Now that's organization. Pants in one quadrant.. jeans in another.... long sleeved button ups. I'm having flashbacks to Atlanta. I think I tossed most of my suits when I moved back to Cali. Good riddance!

LOVE the mirrored doors inside the closet! So decadent I'd store my treasured dresses with fantastic memories. And those sequined shoes too. You'd better believe it.

Wouldn't it be fun to store everything out in the open like a boutique? Love the windows too. I guess she never works out, wears socks or sweats. Only Agent Provocateur to bed too. Wait, all of that is probably in her closet.

I couldn't resist a shot of a happy gal in her closet. Eva Longoria Parker not only has an incredible wardrobe, she has a ladder to her lovelies.

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The Cherry Blog said...

I have yet to stop drooling over these closets - I was sat staring at my own this morning, seeking inspiration! FAB post! xx


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