Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let It Ride

I'm going to Las Vegas for some R&R. Rest & relaxation? Bah! Rowdiness & revelry are in order.

Maybe we'll stop by Forty Deuce?

I love the lights of the strip, particularly the flashy Flamingo sign my dad designed.

When I was 21, my friends & I gambled at cheap slots for free drinks. Waitress?

Gambling while glam or glittery makes it all so much more fun.

My parents used to drop us off at Circus Circus, just like these tots. They'd hand us each $20 and pat our backs as they left for the casino. The best year was when my brother and I pooled our money and spent every cent scoring a stuffed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Dean Martin running a table. Classic.
All of these images are from the LIFE photo archive, which goes from the 1750s to the present. Happy hunting here!


Edward said...

what a great photo series. vegas in the era of the rat pack... what a great time that must've been!

suzannemarques said...

Edward - I know! I love how people used to dress up for a night out in Vegas. When I see too many bermuda shorts, hawaiian shirts and fanny packs it kind of gets me down, but I think LV is starting to get a bit of its glamour back.

But oh, to have seen the Rat Pack in action!!!


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