Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

I'm sick today. I didn't get to spend it in bed.
Instead I was on a mission for medicine. I drove far away from home to see the best doc in the world and what felt like all afternoon waiting on my prescription.
These photos share the excitement I feel preparing to dive into bed and snuggle under cool sheets.
Most of these are from the flickr group.. bed jumpers!
By the way, the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics always pops into my head when I'm sick. Not only because of the title, but because I have a vivid childhood memory associated with it. I must've been six or seven. It's like a snapshot in my mind. My mom was sitting in front of the TV watching that unbelievable video while eating from a pint of ice cream. I have no idea what else happened that day. I just remember it being a blissful moment with the incredible song playing and the mysteriously beautiful images and seeing my mother so content. It's comforting to remember it.

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