Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dream Escape

Most blogs will be all about Oscar this morning, so I'm posting something different. By the way, I loved Kate Winslet's acceptance speech. I've always loved her. Well deserved!

Onto this show! Natalia Fabia had a smashing opening this weekend at Corey Helford Gallery.
From afar.Up close. Love!The detail is beautiful.
This is Pink. I like her tough attitude. Natalia paints her friends and I think this group might be sisters. At least that's how people were referring to them.The sisters working it in front of their painting. Rightly so. Natalia got in on the action. Love her dress and hair!
Her limited edition of lucite chandeliers hung over the guests.


christina said...

suzi i have been a huge fan of natalia fabia for the past two years! i didn't realize that was the show you went to!! do you know who her boyfriend is? perfect punk rock couple!!

suzannemarques said...

someone at the show said someone in bad religion, so i know i'm close! :) she's a doll, so whoever gets her is lucky!

btw we're gonna have a fab week love!!!

Anonymous said...

She's been dating Jay Bentley of Bad Religion for quite a few years. She's a sweetie in person and tremendously talented.

suzannemarques said...

very cool! hands down agree on both counts.

Katrina Lynn said...

OMG. I was supposed to be there that night too! But had to decline since I had a bday party to attend. I have plans to go with Z later. Thanks for the sneak peak!

suzannemarques said...

it would've been so fun to run into you two! xoxoxoxo

christina said...

yes they are such an adorable couple... i love jay bentley. and i agree.. we have a great next few days ahead!!! xoxox


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