Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dazzling dining room chairs

My dining room chairs are here! I ordered four chairs like the one you see here and two armchairs. They're from Empiric on Beverly.

It took me months to find chairs that

1. I actually wanted

2. I could afford.

I hunted for the perfect chairs like mothers shop for schools. I started off with Jonathan Adler's chippendale chairs, which I was set to buy, but then he stopped making the armchairs! I'm a leaner. I need armchairs, so I resumed my search.

I happened across a great set of Billy Haines chairs at Downtown (on La Cienega), but they were like $8000 for the set, so I sat in them for a moment - just to enjoy sitting in one of his divine creations - and kept searching.

I was heading to the Grove with my husband one afternoon to catch a film, and we spotted Empiric. We'd never heard of it, but the store rocks! They have vintage & new stuff. When I saw these chairs I about died, because they're the same price as the chairs were at Adler's, plus the awesome staff found out they could make an armchair version.
By the way, here's the original chair below.


style court said...

Congrats on your chairs!! These are fabulous. (I love those original Adler chairs too.)

Annie Empiric said...

So funny! Casie from Coco+Kelley turned me on to your blog this past week. I love it! Small world. Cassie works for us at Empiric but just for a few more days :(


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