Friday, March 09, 2007

working day & night

all week long we've had electricians making swiss cheese of our walls - i'm not complaining. thank you lovely men for updating our home from the seventies.

my husband is normally a do-it-yourselfer. but it's one thing if you make a mistake and the tile doesn't line up. it's another if the wrong wires are crossed, sparks fly in the middle of night & the roof catches fire. we shared the the same worries, so he sucked it up and hired professionals.

the only catch... the electricians arrive early every morning, plus i work late at night, so that added up to bronchitis... but now, losing sleep is starting to pay off!

the drywallers came today. no one told me how wonderful they are. they were like cake decorators... covering up gaping holes, spreading spackle like buttercream across the seams. it looked so beautiful when i left for work & they hadn't even finished.

i feel bad for our neighbors. my husband was prepping for the drywallers last night. tearing down our kitchen cabinets with a hammer and elbow grease, when i heard a sleepy shout from next door. i looked at the clock... 12:30am. we're so used to the sounds we didn't even notice the time! i'm thinking of sending over a little note of apology attached to a plant...
we still have a long way to go :)

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