Monday, March 26, 2007

Bring on the bubbly

Let me tell you about my absolute favorite drink (of the moment). The Francis Coppola Sofia Blanc de Blanc. Not only is it a delicious bubbly champagne and inspired by a talented woman, the packaging is also out of this world.

I discovered the beautiful bottle at Mel & Rose Wine & Spirits on Melrose Ave. If you haven't been there, it's the best place to stock up for a party or buy a hostess gift.
When I went to Mel & Rose, they had the bottle & 4-packs chilling in the case. The manager told me they always hide a few because they're so popular. Plus, they're ridiculously friendly. A big bonus in LA.

Back to the spirit. The bottle is champagne colored, wrapped in clear pink wrap. The presentation is similar to the outrageously priced Cristal, but it's much more wallet-friendly at less than $20.
It also comes in darling little 4-packs of red and pink cans, which you can drink straight from the can - it comes with a tiny straw - or if you pour it into a glass, it fills it to perfection.


kirstin said...

Yay!! That's one of my all-time fave drinks! It's been my special-occasion drink for a couple years now, and the little cans are just so cute. The straw makes me feel so happy. <3

suzannemarques said...

thanks girl! i knew i wasn't the only one to get excited about this fizzy bev!


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