Monday, March 12, 2007

cupcake crazy

I am currently obsessed with sweets. It started with Sprinkles Cupcakes... which by the way... there's one opening on La Cienega, so I can window shop at my favorite design shops & have a strawberry cupcake as well. Is there anything better? Actually, there might be. I discovered the vanilla cupcakes at Starbucks. I'm sure they're temporary, following the cupcake trend, but I think they are more delicious than Sprinkles. If this trend goes away, I always have my beloved Winchell's.

These St. Patty's day cupcakes are reminding me of my upcoming trip. NYC here I come! We're landing on St. Patty's day afternoon. I better remember to wear my bit o' green. I hear they get pretty snarky if you're not wearing the color. I hate being pinched.

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