Monday, March 26, 2007

Northern California

I could stay in Southern California for the rest of my life and never see NorCal again, maybe because I used to live in Eureka, which is in a remote part of Northern California. It's rainy or hazy most of the year.
After living in sunny SoCal for 24 years, it was difficult for me to adjust. Most young people have moved away, because the pay stinks, and there isn't a strong sense of community. One way of escape was visiting the plaza in Arcata. Arcata is a hippie town about 5-10 minutes away from blue-collar, hardworking Eureka. There was a tiny independent movie theater, where I watched Amores Perros & Monsoon Wedding after visiting the bakery next door that sold warm flaky apple turnovers.
The one store that made me happy every time I entered was Plaza Design. I loved their vivid happy colors and their environmentally conscious wares. The glassware line called Fire & Light is more than 90% recycled material, and comes in heavy glass colored beautifully.
They also sell Lee Furniture which is gorgeous, is made with high-quality materials and uses no CFC's.
The works of local artists dot the walls of Plaza Design. I love the works of Amy Granfield who paints local wildlife and plants.
Eureka offered a handful of fantastic restaurants, and a store that sold insane cookies. I wish I could remember the name of the cookie and the store that sold them. Those cookies helped me through some tough days.

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