Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ella Moss

I must admit a huge flaw. I cannot wrap myself in cashmere or look uber-cool in chunky wool knits. I am allergic to animal fur.

I am a crazy cat lady who picks up and nuzzles my 3 cats with abandon and then sneezes afterward. But if I wear a cashmere blouse or wrap, I itch, I scratch, and sometimes break out in hives. It's an ugly sight.

So I love clothing designers who make cotton look pretty. I first discovered Ella Moss at Barney's Co-Op, then Intermix, and my latest is from Anthropologie. I can't remember the last top I bought. I'm normally shopping for furnishings, jewelry or leggings anymore. I now get most excited about dresses, jeans and shirts. But isn't that every girl?

I think I'll wear this tomorrow, and pray it doesn't rain or get chilly.

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