Friday, March 16, 2007

Breathing Space

Oprah has a section in her magazine, I believe it's called Breathing Space, it features a photo of nature unobstructed by buildings or man. I love it.

Since I'll probably be offline for a while, I'll leave you with my personal breathing space. These are some photos from my designers' website - Woodson & Rummerfield. These photos were love at first sight for me. I fall in love every time I see these photos, & the designers themselves - Ron & Jaime - are adorable too. They are young & fun, just like their designs.

If you're ever driving down La Cienega in LA, stop by their showroom. It's next door to Koi.

Whenever I feel exhausted & exasperated at the construction mess that is currently my home, I just look at these photos and they make me smile.
They have tons more images on their website. Just click on wandrdesign for more fabulous homes & objects, each more beautiful and different than the next!

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