Monday, March 12, 2007

Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings

I love Donny Miller. He's the best. He sometimes looks like a latino Dali with his twisted little mustache, but here he looks pretty cool. This is from his myspace.

To me, he's like the Jonathan Adler of art. Inspirational & cheeky, he doesn't seem to take himself or the world too seriously... at least in my humble opinion.

He creates social commentary without shoving it down your throat... we have enough curmudgeons in the world, don't we? doesn't a spoonful of sugar help the medicine go down? it sure does here in LA

I have his book Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings. it's the perfect coffee table book that makes me laugh & think a bit. . i also bought a little horse painting he made with an a-bomb blowing up in the background. Isn't that ridiculous? don't i look like a hypocrite now after acting so high & mighty about my perfume? yes i do.

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