Sunday, December 05, 2010

Magical Mantle

I've been looking for ideas for my mantle and when I saw this one I was inspired instantly!  It definitely has a fashion influence, with the garland hanging like necklaces and long ribbons tied at different spots. 
This is Sherri Shepherd's home, decorated by Michael Russo on HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes.
She hosted a Christmas In Harlem party, with lots of gold decor (down to the cocktails) and jazz musicians played while everyone mingled.  It was tres chic.
They demonstrated how to make oversized ornaments for less, using a round balloon and ribbon.
1.  Blow up a gold balloon
2.  Tie a big white ribbon around it (I'm sure tape helps it stay in place.)
3.   Attach some string. 
They attached a magnet to the top of the string so it can hang from a metal source.  Nice tip.

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Anonymous said...

i saw and loved the christmas party in harlem as well.

one thing though, if i remember correctly, they spray painted the ballon before tying the ribbon. im pretty sure painting helps to keep it inflated longer.

love your blog.


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