Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Hollywood Holiday: In Full Swing!

Posing with the lovely @koreanyenta & @thedecorista

Fruit tarts are my weakness. 

 My shining stars @jrummerfield and @luxuryprgal

These mini quiches are more addicting than chips!


Rocking around the Christmas tree.

Nancy and @hillaryvaughn comparing furs

One can never have enough smoked salmon.  I should've had ten times this amount!

Ashlina and her handsome cousin Enrique

Asparagus presents with a thin layer of cream cheese and thinly sliced bread.  Delicious!

@sallycolon1 serenading the guests as sugarplums dance in @asianconan's head

I tried my hand at it.  Check out the look on @stephenpetree's face.

@negativenatalie and @yayer tearing it up.

This would've been a chic snap with Nina, but Nick couldn't resist a photobomb,

Big smiles @sadaoturner and @agerhart 

Speaking of photobombs, good one @robertd3

@jkirk22 and Christine singing Unwritten.  Of course we were all singing along

I need Anita's shoes!

@karlihenriquez came from an ugly sweater party!

Can it be Christmas yet?! 

Okay, if you insist, I'll open one.  A gorgeous bracelet from Jaime and @danarummerfield!


Fashion Agony said...

Looks like an amazing party and the food looks so yummy, I admire your talent!

The Iconic Blog.com said...

What a fab soiree! Cheers!xx

Rebecca June said...

Your party looks like it was beyond a success and you look stunning in your little Lanvin number! Good score!


Rebecca June

Anonymous said...

You're getting back at me for not karaoke-ing with all the obese shots of me you posted!!!

suzannemarques said...

thank you my loves!!!
omg nancy. you're beautiful you crazy woman!

Angie said...

Awww I LOVE Ashlina!! Looks like a great party!

Richard Morales said...

Everyone looks like they were having a great time. It's a style maven who's ho at that party.

Richard Morales said...

Whoopsies. I meant to say "who" not "ho". LOL ;-)


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