Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love Me Some Leggings

I can't get enough of my black leggings. They keep me warm in these chilly months, they're extra forgiving when one overindulges during the holidays - guilty! - and dry quickly in the rain.  So when Arlene and Amanda mentioned they need new ideas for leggings aside from boots, I thought I'd give a week's worth of ideas for outfits.


Lizet said...

I have 3 pair of leggings and none of them are black - purple, gray and blue

heather said...

I want all of these styles!! Thanks for sharing.

suzannemarques said...

lizet - i'll admit that black is easiest for me to wash and i can't get over audrey hepburn in her black leggings!

i'm so glad heather! xo


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