Monday, December 20, 2010

Festive Feliz Navidad

First stop.  Olvera Street!

My cozy guest bedroom turned vibrant and playful with shiny metallic garland and trees. 

A sweet little bull pinata.  He reminds me of Ferdinand, stopping to smell the flowers.

I had planned to place my candy bar at the entry, but with the rain, the entry became a mud room.  Moving the treats upstairs was the smartest decision of the evening, because it became the coat/candy room!

I covered the Christmas tree with tin and handmade ornaments, loteria cards and small sombreros.

Next stop... old Hollywood!

Ok, this shot was taken at the end of the night.  Wait until you see the revelry!


joseph said...

FancyColorBright..Taquitos&Avacado SauceAlittle spanish

Fashion Agony said...

Your home looks so cozy and warm!

Lucinda said...

Ferdinand was one of my favorite books, ahhh memories. Your house looks great, not that I would expect anything less! Happy Holidays!

elissa, ebb & flow said...

looks like it was tons of fun!

Sarah said...

I adore your guest room! Lovely fabric. Your christmas decor is fun and festive.

Maggy said...

Thats one hell of a guest bedroom. Do they ever leave the room...hahaha


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