Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Sweet Hanging

Jet lagged after running around New York for a few days. I can't even bring myself to stand for this photo.  Two things are putting some spring in my step: my new favorite nail polish and ring.

Essie's "Clutch Me If You Can" looks like blood in a bottle.  You'll need three coats.

This ring from Forever 21 reminds me of a John Hardy cuff I crave, only it's about $3,000 cheaper.  Sadly, the cuff is sold out.  I was JUST about to buy it. 

kidding of course! :)



My comment was on Sweet Sweet Hangin Post Picture =)

suzannemarques said...

well apparently it was lost in the ether, but i'll try to remember your comment... was it where was this? next to Toi on Sunset Blvd. :)

Mari said...

I really like Essie Nail polish!! They have great colors! For some reason, I'm really into the, what I would call, "Summer Fun" colors... my toes are currently Sally Hensen's "Snappy Sorbet, #30." Super Playful!!
Nothing like an awesome, giant, cocktail ring to lift your spirits!
...oh well about the's only means you were meant to find something that suits you better...
Who knows? Maybe it will come back to you...a few thousand less :)

suzannemarques said...

oh mari i'm joking about the cuff! i would buy so many other things before that! let me go fix it :) i'll have to check out those other colors!

Mari said...

Geez...I'm gullible...
It's all in the inflection, isn't it? :)


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