Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Spotted!  Another Curtis Kulig tag on a mural at Wilcox and Hollywood.  I have mixed feelings about this one, because it's not on a bare wall.  It's on top of someone else's work.  I think the mural is cheesy at best, but isn't that the point in touristy Hollywood?  It's on the side of Playmates of Hollywood (frequented by strippers and couples playing dress-up) and the store paid for the mural.  Maybe they don't even mind.  Maybe it ups the cool factor.

What do you think?

The mural was painted in 1993 by Thomas Suriya. It's titled, "You are the Star."  You're supposed to feel like you're up on the silver screen, only legendary stars are watching you!  I just get an awkward feeling and the long-gone celebs look equally uncomfortable.  Katharine Hepburn looks like she's rolling her eyes, Rhett Butler appears to be squirming in his suit, Charlie Chaplin shrunk a foot or two and is using his cane to distance himself from creepy W.C. Fields and Marilyn.

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