Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Caribbean Queen

Charles David shoes, Gap belt, H&M dress for $7.95!

If you know me, I'm in the habit of dressing as I like.  Chilly, dreary weather?  So what.  I want to wear a printed dress with hummingbirds.  It lifts my spirits.  If I'm already depressed by the weather, dressing in black from head to toe is enough to make me stay inside all day.

Food helps me get through cold days.  Spicy food warms my soul.  So I hit up a new Caribbean restaurant I spied recently on Sunset called Kassava. 

I grew to love Caribbean food while living in Atlanta.  Jerk chicken, plantains, beans and rice and pineapple bread spell heaven to me, so I was excited to try this place.  We ordered jerk shrimp, jerk chicken, roti, fried plantains, fried cassava and beans with rice.  The chicken, shrimp and the roti were delicious, but when we shared the main course after two appetizers, the waitress brought out bread plates.  It made it difficult to eat and enjoy.  I recommend checking it out for lunch.  They have specials from 11am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

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