Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seeking History in NYC

I've been to Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, shopped at Macy's, seen a Broadway show.  After experiencing the big attractions (tourist traps), I love exploring the quieter corners of The City. Places with a past always make my heart race.

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Where to stay: Jumeirah Essex House.  The hotel was built in 1931. It's part of the National Trust Historic Hotels of America.  It's a visual feast walking the gilded hallways of this Art Deco masterpiece.

Igor Stravinsky once lived here. Angelina Jolie owns the penthouse. Jude Law and Samuel L. Jackson are neighbors.

The rooms, while spacious and neat, were a bit too modern for the hotel.  The lighted headboard is painfully out of place.  However, my needs were met.  Comfy beds, lots of room and a great soaking tub!

The hotel sits on Central Park South, which is my favorite area.  It's across from Central Park and walking distance to Bergdorf Goodman, 5th and Madison Avenues.  How charming to boat in Central Park!  The black and white photo was taken in the 30's and I took the photo at right.

I ate my way through most of Manhattan, but Sidecar in Brooklyn was my favorite restaurant.  The owners discovered the ad when stripping layers of wallpaper from the walls.  It's for Dr. Tucker's 59, a popular elixir taken off the shelves in the early 1900's when its main ingredient, cocaine, was outlawed.

I recommend the Hangover Soup for brunch.  Yes, it works.


Mari said...

Looks like an amazing place, in an even more amazing location!!
I agree with you about the headboard..far too modern for a building with such history, and charm.
I think my favorite pic is the ad on the restaurant wall!! What an amazing find! Like a fossil on an archeological dig! FUN, and SUPER COOL...for lack of a better phrase...
One day, I know New York and I will meet...and we'll fall in Love...
Until then...

suzannemarques said...

how romantic!!! after my own heart! let me know if and when you go so i can steer you toward all the fabulous places i know!

Mari said...

I can't decide between N.Y. and S.F./Napa... I'm thinking about going as a graduation gift to myself- but if I choose New York, I will let you know!!!


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