Monday, July 26, 2010

Blow Torches & Tarts

My first apple tart was incredibly easy and fun to make.  It was also my first time using a blow torch. (You can see I got carried away in some places!)  Sure, the broiler can give you a similar effect, but there's something exciting about using power tools in the kitchen.  I'm shooting a vid to show you how I made it.  I'll post the recipe too.


kloquewerk said...

That looks amazing. The real question did it taste??

suzannemarques said...

just realized i didn't post that! the most important part! it tasted INCREDIBLE. best dessert i've ever made

kloquewerk said...

then I will be waiting for the recipe!

Steve said...

Still waiting on the recipe, Lady.

suzannemarques said...

It's my Friday post... with video! :)


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