Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let's Get Physical

One friend quotes me as saying something I can't recall, yet I still believe I said it. As he discussed sports, I said, "I don't sweat."

Not that I don't physically, I just don't prefer to. I hate working out! I like to dance, but it's not fun when it's at the gym and presented like jazzercise. What a drag. What I like to do is walk on the treadmill while talking on the phone or listening to music, counting down the minutes anxiously.

This gym set might totally inspire me to get my workout on. My favorite piece is the headband. It seems so Wes Anderson - maybe a bit loud - but his brother created the sweet drawings on the coolest set of luggage designed by Marc Jacobs. It was featured in The Darjeeling Limited.


Gabriela said...

Hello Suzanne! Have you tried the power plate? I haven't yet, but it's supposed to give really good results in little time. They say heard it makes wonders!

I am not the sweating kind either. I used to go to the cross training machine, but now I've decided I would only exercise while enjoying it, which for me means basically walking and swimming.

You're right: good gym accessories can really encourage getting your work out done. The Wes Anderson style is the coolest! I loved the Darjeeling Limited!

Pete said...

Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow.

applevenusian said...

I don't sweat; I turn as red as a beet. People think I am dying or holding my breath for a good cause.

Jazzercise... you're all ready for Saturday! :D

Eddie V said...

The only person that can wear a headband is Marlo Stanfield from The Wire.


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