Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Adieu Audrey

This post is dedicated to my lovely Audrey. I named her after Audrey Hepburn when I was 19.
We spent 11 wonderful years together.
I called her my baby girl in a high-pitched voice saved just for her. She would run to me and if she was really happy to see me she would hop like a bunny. I whispered her name and she would look at me with those slightly crossed eyes - thanks to her streak of Siamese.
She was my partner in crime. I remember crying into her fur when I was in despair, or rolling her onto her back like a baby to kiss her tummy for no reason at all. She traveled with me from Downey, to Eureka via plane, then Bakersfield in a car, Atlanta in a plane and back to LA. She never got used to traveling. Even when I plied her with drugs, she fought like a lion and cried the entire time. The moment we would set foot in our new home, she was fine and back to her old happy, chill self.
In recent years, I called her my snow tiger, because in our wilderness of a backyard, she looked like a white tiger roaming the hills. She was happiest when she was outside & would roll in the dirt or fetch me a big fat mouse as a gift.
I guess now is the point when I must say what happened to her. (I am a reporter after all & I'd wonder too.) She disappeared & I'm sure either an animal took her away or she passed in peace. In reality, she was as healthy as a horse so I believe I know what really happened.
I miss my Audrey dearly.

Yes, that's Simba looking jealously at the first daughter giving me her Audrey eyes... :)


applevenusian said...

I am so sorry about Audrey. It is so hard to lose a good friend, and a furry friend, no less.

benson said...

Audrey sounds like a wonderful friend to you and it's hard to lose someone that has shared so much of your life without being able to say goodbye.
But, of course my optimist self wants to think she'll be back with a big mouse for you:)

suzannemarques said...

thanks appliev. furry friends are so special!

benson, i was optimistic too, but it's been about 3 weeks... i'd been waiting to post until i was sure.

coco+kelley said...

awww, honey :( that stinks. when we moved to seattle from LA, we had to leave my pup behind, and she ran away... never saw her again. it sucks, and i'm so sorry!

WDL said...

maybe she'll run into Moscow in that big exclusive club in the sky.

between the two of them, every one will have to pay attention to them.

i am deeply sorry for your loss.


ps thanks for the pick me up message! *grin*

Jonathan Alcorn said...

Suzanne , I am sorry for your loss. It's not easy to lose a beloved pet. Audrey looks regal in the photo, and I'm sure she was happy to spend her life with you too.


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