Thursday, July 10, 2008

Extraordinary Machine

My body may be bruised and battered, but my soul feels strong! What a week of firsts.

I surfed for the first time today in Newport Beach. Check out the tidal wave I'm riding! First, I practiced on the surfboard in the sand. I did the pop up three times, which involves lying face down on the board and then popping yourself up with your arms in a pushup. You end up squatting sideways on the board.

Then it was out to sea! The first time I fell to my knees, the second time I rode it for a few seconds, an the fourth time I rode the little wave into the sand. My instructor Scott told me that's something to brag about... so that's exactly what I'm doing.

He's at the Newport Pier everyday at 8am. He runs the Endless Fun Surf School. He's patient and awesome and he's cheering me on in the photo.


applevenusian said...

You look like a pro, Suzanne! :) I'd like to try that but I am scared of the ocean... silly, coming from someone who used to be on swim teams.

Pete said...

You sure have been having a fun week! I'm jealous. ;)

benson said...

Great job! Was this just for fun or for a news segment? Daredevil Suzanne...look for it on cable :)


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