Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mysterious Flower

What is this intricate, beautiful flower? I could hardly believe it was real when I saw it. There are at least 7 layers! You can't even see the wonderful vines that wrap and knot around the stalk more perfect than any florist's creation.

I admit I plucked this outrageous beauty from a vine when I ditched the Mr. Brainwash show after waiting in high heels for a half-hour. For an art opening. The flower was the best part of the night!

(There were plenty of other flowers, so don't think I'm so terrible.)


coco+kelley said...

that, my dear, is a passion flower. well named, no?

suzannemarques said...

cass - of course you know. of course!!!! thank you so much

WDL said...

I learned about this flower when I studied the Pre Raphaelite movement at Oxford. The Nun is holding & gazing at a passion flower.... the painting is literally glows. It's called "convent thoughts" by Charles Allston Collins, c 1851. In person, this painting is breath taking.


Fifi Flowers said...

Beautiful flowers... We had a beautiful Passion Flower Vine... the center is a symbol of Christ's thorny crown. There is a whole story about these flowers... very interesting. Some of these vines bear passion fruit.


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