Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mad Mad Mad Men

How have I not known about this? I am a total square in this department. (I am making the square gesture, yes)
Mad Men is set on Madison Avenue in the 60's.
Nuff said, right?
I'm obsessed with that era... particularly the glimpse we get in Breakfast At Tiffany's.
I haven't even seen an episode, but maybe I'll inspire a few of you to Tivo it like I will be doing Thursday night on AMC.
Once you see this clip you will either get it... or you won't.
For those of us who do... I understand why this was nominated for a million Emmys this year.


benson said...

I love watching but the cigarettes and smoking in every scene made my husband walk away--the scene where the gynecologist lights up while seeing a patient put him over the edge:)

Anonymous said...

Set My Tivo!


Rick said...

Mad Men is the BEST ON TV! Talk about totally out of no where (more so because it's on AMC than anything else), this show is the "IT" show.

My wife & I found it on HD OnDemand and were glued to the screen for all of season 1 and how poetic was it to end season 1 and the upcoming weekend had us ready for the start of season 2! Awesome.

Great characters and personality. Beautiful design and decor. Read that the producer is something of a fiend for precise period pieces and background sets. You won't find a hair out of place in regards to Don Draper's do or the classic 60's sets. Just an elegant and honest drama filled depiction of classic Americana. I love that the characters break the mold of that "Golden Age" when guys were supposed to be chivalrous and women classy and well kept. Mad Men lets you see the truths that ring through even today - Guys don't have all the answers and Gals like to play just as much as the boys ;)



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