Monday, July 28, 2008


These photographs by Robert Adams were taken at twilight and evoke nearly the same emotions as Gregory Crewdson or Philip Lorca diCorcia. Visually stunning but tense, melancholy and chaotic.
My favorite one is the bright carnival rides with skies about to break overhead. What a pairing.
Adams also takes daytime photographs and keeps that same emotion.
I'm realizing The Twilight Zone connection here. Another obsession of mine.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Suzanne!

You've got a great eye!

Richard said...

Creepy stuff, sorry for the lack of comments lately Suz. I have been overwhelmed! Still think u r great and love your blog!

Project Ecoart said...

Your blog is fabulous and I did a post about it on mine so others can enjoy what you have to share :)

Keep the creative juices flowing!


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