Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

What a wild and wooley day this has been.

First I wake up and discover a fantastic new artist - Carlos Ramos. He's showing June 28th at Corey Helford Gallery. His paintings remind me of Shag. The exagerrated quality isn't like viewing life through rose-colored glasses. It's like drinking fizzy strawberry soda or a Cactus Cooler.

The title of his show is Carlos Ramos' Natural History Museum Part I.

Later in the day, I'm at the La Brea Tar Pits. It's a wonder in the middle of Los Angeles. It's on Miracle Mile, and during the Ice Age, animals like saber-toothed cats and mammoths became stuck and preserved in the tar, which was covered with water. Kind of like a sandtrap.
Tar continues to bubble up from the earth and the heavy smell hangs in the air.
Oh, it's not over. I come home tonight and spy my eldest kitty at the back door. There's a fat mouse dangling from her mouth. Her eyes are sparkling and she's dancing with pride. I worry for an instant about ruining my freshly laquered nails picking up the mouse, but know she's brought mommy a gift and I must be there to receive it graciously.

I cringe as I open the door - paper towel in hand - as she begins her presentation. She places the mouse onto the doormat (outside!) and then saunters in. I shower her with kisses and praise my huntress.


WDL said...

oh no! It wasn't that fat cute thing from the other pictures was it!! wah!

I like chubby pets! and chubby wild animals!

My cats are super house way would I let them out into the city! They'd join a gang or something, and I wouldn't stand for that.


suzannemarques said...

wdl - it wasn't a field mouse! thank God. it wasn't that cute. i would've cried. i still nearly shed a tear for the little mouse though.

my baby girl audrey is the odd man out amongst our 3 kitties. the other two are a gang. well, with just a pair, i guess they're a posse. they gang up on her, so she has to show she can kick butt once in a while. :)


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