Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello 2008

Simba begrudgingly welcomed in the new year with me. I get it. It was hard saying goodbye to 2007.

I'm ushering in the new year by hanging my new Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings calendar by Donny Miller. See previous obsessive post about him here.
Here's a page:

The cover is below: The original says, "Beauty is a prison sentence"

Here's another gem: "I got him to change, but now I miss the old him." Want one too? It's at www.donnymiller.com for $12.95.

I like the feeling of a fresh start in the new year, even if I'm operating on a wee bit of sleep today & feeling sniffly. (Please don't let me be sick!)

Maybe it's the Dayquil talking, but I'm going to post my resolutions to see how long before I break them or if it's really possible to achieve them.

1. Take a relaxing trip with Robert. We're working a lot this holiday season. We want to go somewhere & veg.

2. Do more yoga. It feels a bit like going to church, getting a massage & therapy session all in one.

3. Be kind, be kind, be kind. It's always better to be kind & have patience.

4. Have our neighbors over for coffee. We run into each other & we're always friendly, but we've never had them over.

5. Get our upstairs ready to renovate. That will involve lots of cleaning. Cleaning isn't fun.

6. Discover more! That's easy. I love to google.

7. Write a short story or begin writing a book.


Lisa said...

Happy New Year Suzanne,
I enjoy your posts and love the piece on Donny Miller. Good luck in 2008.
Lisa at Lisa Teague Studios

suzannemarques said...

Lisa, he was at my party Friday night! He's the best party guest ever.. witty & funny!!! Happy new year!


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