Monday, January 07, 2008

Talk About Turquoise!

There's that chest again...
Ok, first stylecourt is talking about smudgy turquoise, which I had never heard of... & then meet the fabulous owner of Turquoise in Venice. Most of you have probably seen Vanessa's blogs. She's an interior designer, shop owner & blogger extraordinaire. Plus, she's an LA designer. Double cheers!
Robert & I stumbled across her new digs in Venice. She's not only supremely talented & has great stuff, she is charming & fun in person.
First of all, check out this office. I love everything about it.
That's still the office below. Wow. I love how it feels like a hangout more than a home office.
I want this as my master bathroom. I have to have a chest like this!
I love hanging lamps bedside. I have tall ceilings that go lower at the head of the bed, so hanging lamps would draw your eyes up, no?


Pomegranate and Patchouli said...

I'm pro hanging lamps, when used correctly. Too high a ceiling would be too distracting. But a fairly high ceiling could be just right.

suzannemarques said...

yeah, you're right. i don't want it to look like wires coming out of the ceiling. it's kind of sloped lower, so maybe it would make it appear taller? or maybe i'll just replace the sconces that are already bedside.


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