Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wrap it Up

I don't know the names of the top two Tragic Toys by Tim Burton, but Brie Boy is hanging out on the bottom. You know I know my brie. It is so tasty once you swipe some of that on a cracker. Yum!
Let's move on to deeper things. First, pop a bag of popcorn to throw at the screen. Practice eye rolls. Put your tongue and teeth together in that cluck that grandmothers love to do when disappointed. Hiss like a snake!
Don't blame me. You sent the questions, I gave the answers. You've been warned.
Check out my insanely deep chat & thought-provoking chat HERE!


Richard said...

The chat was certainly entertaining. The news is far more lively in LA than on the east coast. I am not sure I would have admitted the bow chica wa wa thing (I don't know how to spell it), but I still found it funny.

suzannemarques said...

Thanks Richard! I love to sing, & dance before going live (on fun stories not the serious ones) to get my energy up. Thus, the name.

I used to work in Atlanta & it was much more buttoned up. Being home in LA, it's so much fun to let loose & be my silly self. :)


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