Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's a Bird Frenzy!

Ok, so the title line refers to a little story. 100 years ago, when I was a reporter in Bakersfield, Cali, we were going live from a bird store. The owner had a cat. The owner reassured me the cat could care less about the birds.
She didn't realize having a camera crew in the store might stress the kitty just a bit. Our lady prepared for the shot with her favorite parrot one one finger, another bird perched on a birdcage.
Once the camera turned on... live of course... the cat jumped at the parrot. The parrot jumped onto the poor lady's back, flapping its wings, the lady screamed & the other bird started hopping & flying around.
All I could muster was, "It's a Bird Frenzy!" Ah, the memories. I've had a soft spot for birds ever since.
P.S. No birds were harmed in the making of live tv.

Up top is one of Melissa Contreras' watercolors. I've shown one of them before, but why not feature her again? I discovered she has an Etsy shop & sells through one of my favorite local galleries... Thinkspace! I could see this vibrant watercolor in a child's room.

Robert likes these birds below by Guy McKinley. He's also at Thinkspace. Kinda pheasanty, right?

These were ripped off Guy's myspace page. Guy also has great taste in music & lives in Manchester, UK.

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