Friday, January 11, 2008

Off-Limits Office

Certain parts of our home have such a feminine feel, like our powder room below...

I love the idea of a masculine office. A room that almost feels off limits to girls.

My father didn't have a study, but I remember going through his drawer as a child. I would find all sorts of fun things like brass lighters, old wallets, union pins. I would pull something out and my mother would tell me the stories behind them.

One day, my father saw me going through his drawer. He frowned and told me the drawer is private. I wasn't allowed to go through it. That did it for me.. it made the drawer even more interesting! Things I'm not supposed to see!

I want a room that makes me want to sneak into it to read in the afternoon. I'm thinking preppy New England, like Ralph Lauren & Dead Poets Society.

A study like I see on old Twilight Zone episodes. I'm envisioning sketches of pheasants on the walls, lots of leather & wood. But yet it's not my room, it will be Robert's, so I will only have so much say.

Here's some of my inspiration photos I've been gathering...

I love the tan/walnut Eames lounge and ottoman at DWR.

Robert says he had to "Yop" in class just like they did in Dead Poets Society. It cracks me up.

Below are all from Ralph Lauren Home. The desk is cool, but it's like 10K.

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