Monday, January 28, 2008

Toi & Tootsies

Caroline & I had dinner at Toi tonight. I took this photo in the hallway leading to the powder room. She's working hot boots.

If you're ever on Sunset in Hollywood, Toi is a relaxed, reasonable & yummy Thai place. We ordered pad thai & yellow curry. Both were great.

I just googled it & discovered it's one of Quentin Tarantino's faves too. Here's a quote from the LA Times:

"It's open really late; the food is great. I come in to write. During the day, it's way kicked back. They always play good music. I can sit for five hours, order some coffee and just work. I've been doing that at Toi for 15 years."

I've interviewed QT a couple of times. He's a ball of energy & a total charmer. I asked him (at Movies Rock) to name his favorite song. He told me "Tangled Up In Blue" by Bob Dylan.

My fave song of all time? "Blackbird" by The Beatles. It's sad & hopeful at the same time. When I've been down it's always inspired me. I learned recently that Paul McCartney wrote it about the civil rights movement. Now I love it even more.

So back to shoes. I was wearing my favorite zapatos tonight. They were a Christmas present.

They have the perfect heel. Tall enough to make you feel girly... yet you could walk in them all night. They're Chanel, so of course they're perfection!


Richard said...

I love Thai food, and I was thrilled when a new restaurant opened 10 minutes from my house. The restaurant pictured looks interesting.

Very nice shoes, I love two tone shoes. I just hope my wife doesn't see them, or I will have to buy them for her :)

suzannemarques said...

this one's just as close, which is so nice, isn't it?
she'd love the shoes by the way. they're a twist on the classic chanel flat. i love everything with a twist!

Wendy said...

Those shoes are so amazing! I'm jealous.


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