Saturday, January 26, 2008

Powder Room Tour

Some of you have asked for more photos of the powder room. I'm a total amateur photographer so Simba's coming along for moral support. Let's go down the hall to check it out, shall we?

It's hidden behind a pocket door.

The kohler toilet has become quite the conversation piece. Who knew it would be such a hit? Most people don't know how to flush it. (Touch the left side.) The wallpaper is Florence Broadhurst with the colors customized by W&R.

We're at one of my favorite things in the room. This sketch features Oyster Boy by Tim Burton. (Yes, I saw Sweeney Todd & loved it.) In this drawing he's decided to dress as a human for Halloween. If you haven't already read it, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy is a must-read.
Ron Woodson & Patrick Ediger selected the framing. Isn't it perfection?

To the right is the sink is from ZGallerie, the trophies are vintage from the 20's & the mirror is Horchow. The brass mirror was mine growing up.

Below is a look at the detail. The sconce is Restoration Hardware. Custom lampshades by W&R.

Below is the rain shower. I believe it's a Kohler showerhead in polished nickel. The glass door is custom & the fixtures Kohler too... The marble tiles are polished carrera marble from Ann Sacks.

If you look down Little Miss Trouble is celebrating an open door with a playful tailchasing. The floor is Ann Sacks polished marble too... the base is American Standard.

Here's a closer look at the tile. They were customized cuts. I love the look of elongated subway tile. We saw a similar cutout in a magazine for the toiletries. It saves space and you don't see it immediately.

Here's the view as you look out. These little figurines are from Jonathan Adler & (even though they've been knocked over at a few parties) they are troopers. They stand the test of time.

That's it for the pint-sized powder room. Well, here's the photo you see before walking in. Most people don't even notice it if the bathroom door is open. Pink steals the show. It's a beloved piece by David Lynch. I love that man. I remember Robert chasing him down at the NBC lot. Lynch was walking to his car with his signature cigarette hanging out of his mouth. A swirl of cigarette smoke hung over his silver pompadour.

Robert asked what the old couple meant in Mulhulland Drive. David said pay close attention to the opening sequence. We still don't get it. (If you know please tell us.) I love DL anyway & his daily weather report too.

Everything you see is designed by Woodson & Rummerfield. The art was chosen by Robert beforehand. :)


Richard said...

I love your use of color! I am also a fan of vintage trophies, and I have been looking for some to display in my library. I have searched antique stores, but I have had no luck. Where did you find your trophies?

suzannemarques said...

thanks richard! woodson & rummerfield discovered them for us, & have a pair at their store ( for sale.
they may not be online, but i've seen em.
also, i've spied wonderful vintage trophies on ebay!

Pomegranate said...

Wow! The Powder Room is splendid!! The whole place is (from what I've spied in some of the pictures)

It must have cost a fortune!

Pink Wallpaper said...

love it...the wallpaper is my personal fav!!

suzannemarques said...

thank you all so much for the comments full of love. :)
the tile, wallpaper & toilet were the most pricey... but worth it! we saved on tile installation (robert did it)

cassie said...

so beautiful! i love it all, but the wallpaper is the best part for me...

Brilliant Asylum said...

I loved this bathroom when I saw it on the Woodson Rummerfield website and am so happy to see more. Thanks for sharing. It is perfection.


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