Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cleaning Epiphanies

Cleaning involves triumphs and tragedies. I almost lost the battle with our tree. The makers of artificial trees must package them in tiny boxes on purpose. They expect you to get so fed up trying to fit it back into the box, you'll cry uncle & toss it. How else would they stay in business? I plan on keeping my tree forever.
However, if Robert hadn't been here, it would be in the trash. After a few complaints, elbow grease, duct tape & a cryptic announcement that, "After this, I'm done for the day," he managed to get it back in & haul it to the garage.
Below is a true triumph.

Don't you love when you discover things while cleaning? While rummaging through our guest room closet I discovered invitation samples from Wedding Tulle. I collected them while planning my wedding (4 years ago) & the designs are still very current.

The stitching detail is even more beautiful in person.

Bree also blogs & featured this cake topper from Ann Wood Handmade and the chocolate mice truffles from William Sonoma below.

I want to get married again!

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