Saturday, January 26, 2008

SJP in a Scrunchie

Say it ain't so? SJP is wearing a giant scrunchie! Remember the Sex and the City episode when she said a NYC gal would never wear one - in public - and when a gal was spotted sporting one in a swank bar, the poor gal quickly gave away her out-of-town roots with an exaggerated accent. I'm polite, okay?
I love it. If you're gonna work it, work it big. I love that hair. I'm a big fan of big hair.
I love her wild outfits too. Better to be over-the-top than boring.
Can't wait for the movie.
I first spied this on's blog.


Richard said...

I was never a fan of Sex and the City, but then again, I can see why women like it. Anyway, while spending time with my wife, I endured many episodes. Carrie was my wife's favorite, but I preferred Charlotte.

AsianCajuns said...

I really love how SATC pushes the boundaries with fashion. However, I'm not really liking the giant, woman-eating scrunchie.

suzannemarques said...

ha! it does look like it's eating her up. it's a bit avant garde but it's inspiring!

suzannemarques said...

charlotte is my husband's favorite too! she is perfectly waspy. :) i'm between carrie and charlotte.

coco+kelley said...

OMG! she IS being eaten by a giant scrunchie! as much as i usually ADORE carrie's over-the-top outfits, this one might not make my list... but it's certainly interesting just the same!


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